About Us.

We are a Male/Female Photographic Team, and only work as a team.

I am Passionate about my Photography and Passion breeds Excitement.
We would like to bring this excitement to Your Photo Session!

I have been involved in photography for over 30-years.
I have photographed weddings for over 9-1/2 years, and have been involved in studio work for more years than I can remember. I am currently focused on Fine Art, Boudoir, Portraits, Wildlife, and Event Photography. Over the past decade my business travels have allowed me to capture some wonderful images of places and things that I believe show my Passion for photography.

Diane is my assistant. Enthusiastic, Cheerful, and works diligently to see your session is successful and goes smoothy!

Let's see what exciting images we can create for you.

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Prints available for Most Images in Galleries.